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I offer Creative Project & Operations Management solutions where I streamline Projects, Operations and Teams from A-Z within the entertainment, event and creative sectors.

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Why your business needs me

Project management systematically improves organisation and clarity in creative environments.
Many creatives are already great organisers and communicators, and creative project management just provides the structure for those skills to shine.

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My values

The following values are an integral part of working with me:

Adding value

Be inclusive

Communicate clearly

Be honest

Be efficient

Have fun

Give back

Why choose me

Do you find yourself wearing too many hats? Let me take the managing of your projects, operations, or teams out of your hands.

Learn about examples from previous projects here. Read what my clients have to say about me below.


Trustworthy & Practical

"Having Renske's support has given me time and headspace to be able to focus on other aspects of running a business, and this has helped us to move forward."

Brigid Farrell

AllTalk Training, Ireland

"I highly recommend that you reach out to her for a chat about your project."


"I'm very confident in her abilities and skills!"


Joseph Devlin & Equinox coaching, Dublin

"Renske is worth her weight in gold - organised and efficient, she is always proactive and solution oriented."


Lisa Hughes

Arena Coaching, Dublin

Flexible & Professional

Organised & Efficient

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