Services & Pricing

How I work

You have probably guessed by now that I work virtually. And that is right from the start: we usually connect via Skype, Zoom or FaceTime for our free introduction call. This way we can still have a face to face connection but be in different countries, time zones or just right around the corner. Our working relationship has to be built on mutual trust, and a video call works better than just a call.  On this introduction call, we discuss the work and see which plan is best for you. How the work is done, what do you expect from a virtual assistant, how would you like to cooperate and connect, which systems do you use? We will discuss all this during our introduction video call.



Online Course Development & Support

You just want to teach, connect or build relationships with your clients and not spend your time on all the techy bits that are out there.

I can get your ideas and course content organized, looking great and uploaded on to your chosen platform. If needed, I can help with structuring and designing your courses too.

Administrative Support Icon

Executive Assistance

Depending on your needs I can support you in a number of ways. Need help organizing your inbox and answering customer emails, scheduling appointments or make travel arrangements, no problem!

Or are you in need of professional looking documents? I can create various Word, Powerpoint of Excel templates for you, format your documents to fit your branding or help publish your first e-book.

If tech is not your cup of tea, I'm here to help. Getting your devices linked, choosing and setting up a CRM or other system or platform that will make your life easier or just being a liaison between you and your tech providers as I speak tech fluently.

Other services in this category:

  • Interim Assistant at your Office or Project Location

  • Minute taking

  • File organizing

  • Making/editing reports & presentations

  • Supporting you with new tech devices

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Executive Personal Assistant

I am a solution collector! Whatever task you have, I will find the right solution for you. I can do the job myself or help you outsource it to the right people. Over the years, I have built a network of connections and partnerships with other highly skilled professionals, so there will always be a solution to your problem.

Whether you require in-person support for a project on location, need assistance in scheduling your busy travel itinerary, or you want general part-time Executive Assistance support I can be of service.

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Project Management

Outsourcing your project admin can save you a lot of time. Whether it is working with MS Projects or other project management software, organizing daily SCRUM meetings or keeping the project finances in check I can be of assistance.

Podcast support

  • Producing, editing and publishing your podcast

  • Guest search & calendar management

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Social Media Assistence

  • Social media post scheduling

  • Keeping your website updated

  • Email marketing

  • Social media account set up & page creation

  • Online client engagement



Pick a plan that suits your needs

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Basic Plan

You need some support but don't know how much yet. Try it out with my hourly rate. I will send you a time report with your invoice so you can see a full breakdown

*subject to availability*

€ 33,-

per hour* exl 21% VAT

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Advanced Plan

You know what job(s) you need done and know the time it will take. Getting a retainer is the best option for you. I'm available for a set number of hours each week for a set price.

5 hours a month

€ 165,-*

10  hours a month

€ 300,-*

* excl 21% VAT 

15 hours a month

€ 440,-*

*Monthly retainer plans are automatically renewed every month up front. Canceling your retainer can be done one month in advance.

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Custom Plan

Maybe you have multiple jobs you need done or have a special project in mind. Contact me for a chat and we can come up with something that fits your needs