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Why Giving Back

Why would dedicate your time, money and energy to a good cause, you’re finally making some money? That’s what I’ve heard a lot lately!

And I know, in order to help others you first have to help yourself, like putting on your oxygen mask before helping your kids. However, I believe that you don’t have to be a multimillion-dollar/euro company before you can start giving back. You can start small, in ways that are available for you at this very moment. So that’s what I’m doing.

Is it easy? Probably not. Isn’t it difficult to figure out where to put your time and effort because there is so much to do in so many areas? Yes definitely! Don’t I have “better” things to do? No! I love working with my clients, but I am in a very privileged situation that I can help so why not put the time and energy that I have to spare to use.

So, my why starts with values. For me, some of my core values in business and my personal life are: Adding value, Be inclusive, Communicate clearly, Be honest, Have fun, Give back. Giving back is one of my values, it would just be empty words if I didn’t act on it. Another important one is Adding value. I am happiest and at my best, if I can contribute in a meaningful way to something that makes a difference for an individual, a group or to the world.

My internal fire for the need to make a difference is burning bright, and I want to start big!

I want to make an impact, do hands-on work and not just donate some money. Knowing I can make a difference somewhere is very exciting!

I am currently in the process of selecting the organizations or foundations I want to collaborate with. One no-brainer for me was Kiss the Ground. I was already involved with them because of my Soil Advocacy Training at the beginning of this year.

Kiss the Ground is a 501(c)(3) non-profit with the goal of creating societal awareness about the solution to humanity’s greatest challenges that is right under our feet.

If I have inspired you to take similar action, great! If you have questions about my process or the organizations I have chosen, please connect with me in any way that works for you, and we can have a chat about it!

In the coming months, I will keep you up to date on how I’m getting on and what my experiences are along the way.

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