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Updated: Jul 4

We all know that creating quality content is difficult and time-consuming, particularly when it is not your core business. As someone that is interested in productivity, I thought about what would be the most productive and joyful way to get my message across. I am inspired by the bulletin format because it's themed, short and to the point and gives me direction on how to reuse the content on other platforms. So, this is my first experiment with my monthly productivity bulletin to convey my message in a structured and productive way and bring you content that helps you to work smarter, not harder. The idea of this bulletin is to have four recurring topics every month with practical information and a productivity trick or two. For this month, the theme is Joy!

Intentional Productivity Strategy

Your environment has a direct influence on your productivity. If you work in a cluttered space, your mind might be cluttered too! In honour of the queen of tidy, Marie Kondo, do the following exercise:

  • Look around your workspace and ask yourself, with every item you see, does this spark joy?

  • If the answer is yes, ask yourself what is the proper place for this item and put it there

  • If the answer is no, give it away, donate, or if it’s trash, throw it out in the bin.

  • Once you have done this with all the items in your workspace, you should end up with a tidy space filled with things that bring you joy.

  • If you need to buy a new item, only buy new stuff when you know you have a designated space to put it. But do buy a variety that brings you joy. For example, go for the shiny gold-coloured stapler, instead of the generic black one, if you have to put it on your desk to look at all day. :-)

Intentional Productivity Resources:

I recently discovered Deepstash. It’s an app that allows you to read bite-sized articles on a variety of topics. You can upgrade your knowledge quickly with just a couple of minutes a day.

Another tool I CAN NOT live without and which brings me a lot of joy is of course Notion. Notion is very user-friendly and easy to work with, but has a bit of a learning curve if you want to use all its functionalities. If you’re interested in learning more on Notion or would like some instruction, you can go to this link for tutorials or this link for help. Still unsure, I’m always happy to talk Notion, so get in touch, and I’ll help you on your way.

Notion Tip

Create custom icons for your Notions pages. Why do you ask? Having custom icons for your pages will help with locating the page that you are looking for, it can provide clarity on how to organize some of your pages and last but not least, it looks great! It makes Notion feel more like your Notion.

  • Canva is a great tool to use to make your icons

  • Create a new item that is 250 x 250 px

  • Use your keyword to search in the elements tab for existing graphics

  • Choose the graphic you want and fit it to the page so it covers the 250 x 250 design, change the colour to your desired (brand) colour

  • Download as .PNG and don’t forget to check the “transparent background” box beforehand

  • Now your icon is ready to use on any of your Notion pages, just click on Add icon at the top of your Notion page and select the icon you have just created

What’s on

  • Sometimes, we as solopreneurs are better together: I met the lovely Emma Norton from EgoxLess on my weekly NOMAWO Club call, and after a couple of very long zoom sessions, we realized that our respective business could complement each other, like 1+1=3. And so The Apothecary was born. We have been (and still are) working very hard on shaping our joined adventure in such a way that we can take the world by storm very soon! In the meantime, you can check out more here: The Apothecary

  • Notions Templates: Something that brings me tremendous Joy is creating Notion templates. I’m currently working on creating a Basic Business Template which includes a Dashboard (where you will see all your important stuff at a glance), a Master Task list, a CRM page (where you can store your client details and other contacts), a Finance page (keep track of your invoicing or other finances) and a Marketing and Sales page (store your brand assets, create a content calendar) and a Company Handbook page (for all your processes and how to’s). So keep an eye out for them in the near future!

  • Business as usual: I continue to help my clients with my Intentional Productivity Strategy Program, which is a holistic approach to Productivity, focused on creating or restoring balance. Clients experience how a more structured and organized business and life creates more time and space for the things that truly light you up and gets you (back) into your flow. If you feel overwhelmed with your daily workload and are looking for structure and efficiency in your (business) life, please get in touch and I might be able to help you lessen the load and make space for the things that truly matter.

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