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Intentional Life Design
Planner. Workbook. Notebook.

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The Intentional Life Design Planner. Workbook. Notebook is a powerful tool to harness the power of nature's season and cycles to consciously and thoughtfully plan your best life.

Included in the gorgeous softcover planner:

  • 17 x 25 cm size

  • Quarterly pages:

  • Notes

    • additional space for exercises or journaling

  • Seasonal explainer

    • short introductions to the quarters themes

  • Quarterly goals

    • a space for your quarterly goals & focus areas

  • Monthly pages:

  • Theme explainer:

    • an introduction to the month's theme

  • Monthly questions, prescription, selfcare:

    • thought-provoking questions to help you think in the context of the monthly theme

  • Theme exercise:

    • exercises focussed on the theme of the month

  • Calendar:

    • Use the calendar pages to plan your month

    • Habit tracker to keep you accountable

  • Doodle:

    • a creative outlet for all your brain dumps

  • End of month check-in

  • a reflection page to look at your month in hindsight

  • Books we love and recommend

  • Notebook pages


The Intentional Life Design Planner is a wonderful collaboration between Elaine Fitzgerald McBarron and Renske Ensing.

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