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Creative Project & Operations Management

What's in it for you?

What a Creative Project & Operations Manager Can Do For You?

  • Identify and manage projects that align with your goals

  • Develop strategies and plans to ensure successful project completion

  • Create and implement project schedules

  • Monitor progress and report on project milestones

  • Lead day-to-day operations to ensure deadlines are met

  • Provide guidance to team members and ensure they have the necessary resources

  • Develop and implement processes to streamline operations

  • Analyse data to identify trends and make data-driven decisions

  • Maintain communication with stakeholders and ensure customer satisfaction

Why hire a Creative Project & Operations Manager?

A Creative Project & Operations Manager is a highly skilled professional who can help you plan and manage projects, assign tasks and resources, and ensure that all operations run smoothly.
They can help you identify potential problems, create solutions, and implement strategies to help you achieve your objectives. With the right person in the role, they can help you be more efficient, increase productivity, and maximise your profits.


What do I bring to the table?

I have over 20 years of experience in various corporate and entrepreneurial settings. This has given me a solid foundation to develop and refine critical skills such as effective communication, conflict resolution, planning and budgeting, and the ability to act as a translator between the technical or creative team and other stakeholders. I excel at balancing creativity and structure to drive projects forward on time and under budget.

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